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Person to Person December 15, 2009

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Today was a 12 hour day, not including the the couple of extra hours spent on correspondence and other tasks once I arrived home.

On the non profit front as Head Elf/Coordinator, I led volunteers in a toy pickup  from Toy Box Connection in Oak Lawn in correlation with our annual Holiday Gift Program and toy drive.

We arrived with a seventeen foot U-Haul to load up every conceivable gadget, bauble, knickknack, plaything, trinket and novelty known to man. If it chimed, sqauwked, squeeked, chirped, beeped, trilled, rang, buzzed, lit up, talked, morphed, sparkled, spun, rolled, bounced or stacked, then I’ve seen it. There’s absolutely no doubt that these delightful items, most gauged for the toddler set, brought out the kid in our staff, myself included.

Delivering the items to our headquarters building to be sorted and cataloged provided everyone a chance to revisit simpler times.

Every inch of floor, desk and table space normally utilized for the food pantry was filled with gifts that will go to our clients who are referred by a list of twenty-two community based agencies that our Wish Committee chooses to assist.  These items will then be delivered to each agency, ie; daycare, church, boys and girls club, etc., to be distributed to the children at a party at each facility.

The warm camaraderie, the relatively mild (for Chicago) weather, and especially the kind generosity of our volunteers and Michele Maika of Toy Box Connection made today a completely successful operation.  I think my ears are starting to get a little pointy. Anybody seen my green suit?



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